Litecoin is now challenging new highs. Last time Litecoin was higher than today, vs Bitcoin, it was in 2015, and the Bitcoin price was something completely different.

Based on the recent highs that Litecoin has reached, it is fighting strong to reach new levels right now. It needs to close above 0.022 today in order for us to test new levels and go for a new nice 120%+ potential profits.

Litepay, which I wrote about around mid January here, is being launched on February 26th and the price of Litecoin, as mentioned from my last analysis, it is already moving strong. There is also news about Litecoin “airdrop”…

We can talk later about the details, as the main request I am getting is for targets for Litecoin holders, so here you have your targets and some more.

Litecoin Trade Instructions

Litecoin Main Targets:

(1) 0.02737
(2) 0.03230 (main)
(3) 0.03606
(4) 0.04475
(5) 0.04898 (main)
(6) 0.05012

Note: Due to market conditions, I mixed the short term with longer (main) term targets.

Buy-in: 0.020 – 0.022 (read text)

You can buy Litecoin after the breakout is confirmed, which is when we close today above 0.022. Or you can buy in now and set your stop-loss tight.

If the close above 0.022 is not confirmed. Litecoin can still remain strong if it closes above 0.020, which is the former resistance of my upper channel, which will now work as s strong support.

So you can buy Litecoin in the range of 0.020 – 0.022


(1) 0.0180 (tight stop-loss)
(2) 0.0165
(3) 0.0132 (long term stop loss)

Trade strategy: Aim for profits. Start securing profits as each target is reached. Sell before Litepay is launched. Sell before the airdrop.

Indicators for Litecoin

  • SMA20 crossed the SMA50, which is very bullish signals.
  • The charts overall are looking really good. There will be ups and down, as usual, but there is room for growth, and new highs to be reached.
  • The weekly chart is also really good interesting to me.

Most of the cryptocurrencies have a bull run for a few weeks and then start a very long descent, later an even longer period of accumulation, and finally they start another run. But when a top is reached, they go down strong and hard. Litecoin charts are not like this. When you look at Litecoin, it is a very resilient coin, and it tends to remain strong.

Here is the daily chart (it feels like Litecoin wants to reach levels that it has never reached before): Litecoin Trade Idea by Alan Masters

Here is the weekly chart (just for fun):


Enjoy your week.

Enjoy your day.

Enjoy every minute…


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