The Litecoin chart vs USD is completely different to the Litecoin chart vs BTC. You can take a look at Litecoin vs BTC here.

Since Litepay is launching, and Litecoin broke some resistance and it is entering a bull run, many people want and need targets in order to be able to trade successfully.

When you start trading cryptocurrency, without a guide, after getting some experience the hard way, you will notice that the hardest part of all is to know when to sell.

You might be able to figure out when to buy. Or you can use the simplest strategy of all, buy and hold… to sell, but when?

It went up 20%. You think that is good, that’s a lot, but you know for sure that it can go up more, but how much more?

It went up 100%. Now you are uncertain, will it keep on going up, or will it come back down? Should I sell?

To answer these questions, we need some tools, we need to analyze the charts and extract what we call “targets”. Price levels where there is a lot of sell pressure, and we use to take out profits. Here you can find Litecoin’s targets for the USD and USDT pairs.


Litecoin’s target for the pair LTCUSD / LTCUSDT

All time high USD for Litecoin is $420 reached on the 12th December 2017. Based on the Coinbase chart.

We will extract our targets based on this all time high.

Litecoin targets:

(1) 222.22 * Target reached on 15-Feb-18 *
(2) 297.22
(3) 351.22
(4) 420.22 (All time high)
(5) 617.22 (New all time high)


(1) 157.22 (Tight stop loss)
(2) 130.22 (strong stop loss)
(3)   99.22 (long term stop loss)

Trade strategy:

Aim for the profits, sell before the news. (The news come out on the 26th February).


  • One huge green candle signals the beginning of a new run for Litecoin. I am looking at the daily chart, and the day still needs to close, but we opened at $158 and the price is almost $200 now.
  • The indicators are bullish and allowing plenty of room for growth… take a look below.

Litecoin vs USD (equivalent to USDT) daily chart: Litecoin USD and USDT Pairs Targets by Alan Masters (

Thanks a lot for your continued support.


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