Vertcoin (VTC).

Just like our recent trade AppCoins (APPC) on Binance, I received many, many messages from great people all around the world asking me to look at Vertcoin. To me, this is just another positive signal.

You know that the Altcoins market has been growing through a rough patch lately, this happens at least twice a year and is completely normal. But even with this market correction, which isn’t over yet we still trade, there are coins that tend to breakout and make us some money along the way. The risk is definitely higher, but there are too many of us that want to trade. So here is another coin, enjoy all the profits that you can gain.

After looking at dozens of coins, Vertcoin had one of the strongest looking chart, I could even spot positive divergence on the MACD for the 4h and daily chart. But before we get into the analysis and the instructions to trade this coin, let’s look at the news, there is something coming up.

Vertcoin exchange launching:

  • A new exchange called Vertbase (, will allow the purchase of Vertcoin (VTC) vs USD. A USA based exchange that will be launching 31st March.

Note: If you feel uncertain about this or any other trade that I share, please stay on the side-lines, and wait for the one “that calls your name”. Wait for the one that you like and you feel is good for you. Or wait for the market to become bullish again, if you don’t know what to do. Or finally you can come and join us on this one more trade, it doesn’t really matter if it is risky, if there is no risk then there is no gain.

But the choice is completely up to you, there will be many, many more trades, in the near future, when Bitcoin start running up good again. It can take another few weeks for the market to become strong, just as it can take another year or maybe just a few months.

Vertcoin (VTC) Analysis by Alan Masters (

Chart, Signals & Indicators

Let’s start with the daily chart: Vertcoin (VTC) Trade Idea by Alan Masters (

  • While Vertcoin price was making lower lows, the MACD was registering higher lows. This is called positive divergence, and it is a strong bullish signal.
  • You can notice from the chart above that a breakout has already been confirmed, plus a new positive count just started on the TD. After the price going down for two months and a half straight.
  • The MACD is trending upwards and crossed over a week ago. It is trying to turn bullish, it is showing plenty of room for growth.
  • There is enough room for growth on the RSI as well.
  • The STOCH is reflecting some actual resistance, which we are facing right now. The rest of the indicators are positive, the STOCH is only indicator giving us mixed signals about this coin.
  • Below I will share another image, and you can see that the long term trendline is a solid line up. So if you are looking for long term holdings, Vertcoin can be one of those.

Vertcoin long term trend line: Vertcoin (VTC) Trade Analysis by Alan Masters

Trade instructions

Buy-in: 0.00039 – 0.00046


Note: Use these targets as reference points to know when to sell. You don’t have to sell on each target, specially if you are going medium or short term. If you are going LONG, then you can sell a portion at each target and buy back lower, or simply sell a portion at each target and keep the profits. The good thing about a long term trade this detailed, is that you don’t need updates, you can follow these instructions for as long as we are trading within these targets / levels.

Vertcoin (VTC) Long term targets:

(1) 0.0005525
(2) 0.0007085
(3) 0.0008195
(4) 0.0009610 (All time high)
(5) 0.0013695 (New all time high)

Medium term targets:

(1) 0.0004717
(2) 0.0005212
(3) 0.0006010
(4) 0.0006616

Short term targets:

(1) 0.0004812
(2) 0.0005312
(3) 0.0005712
(4) 0.0006212


(1) 0.00036022 (short term)
(2) 0.00031622 (medium term)
(3) 0.00029822 (long term)

Trade strategy: This is a very solid coin with a very solid chart. You can trade this coin long term, specially with the launch of Vertbase coming soon and a new market cycle starting in a few months. If Bitcoin comes crashing down out of nowhere and the price start to go down, you can activate your stop loss. Above you have short term, medium term and long term stop loss.



I come in, leave, comeback and here I am again.
Repeat this process over and over. Looking for something that is far away.

I know everything, I have access to all.
I know nothing. I need assistance to know where am from.

I need some tools, to find my new home.
I need some tools, to remember the old.

Back on the trip, the same mission again.

Answer this riddle, guess who I am…


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