I am now looking at VIBE on Binance, another young chart, but a solid looking good. We go short term again, to reduce risk but the market is good today.

As you saw my AppCoins (APPC) trade, I will be sharing short term and long term targets. The fact that the chart is young, a top hasn’t been established yet, so we go short term to reduce risk and long term for the rest.


VIBE Trade Analysis by Alan Masters

Trade instructions

Buy-in: 0.000051 – 0.000059

VIBE Main / Long Targets:

(1) 0.00006812
(2) 0.00007992
(3) 0.00009902
(4) 0.00011262
(5) 0.00013202

Short term targets:

(1) 0.00006632
(2) 0.00007712
(3) 0.00008472


(1) 0.00004800 (Tight / Short term)
(2) 0.00004100 (Very strong / Long)
(3) None (Super long term)

Trade strategy: Read the intro. If you want low risk, go short term and use the short/ tight term stop loss. If you like this coin and would like to maximize profits, you can go for long, but remember that it can take weeks and even months for any trade to fully develop.

Charts, Signals & Indicators

Here is the daily chart: VIBE Trade Cryptocurrency News by Alan Masters

  • You can see this coin has been on Binance for a little over a month now, since 11th January (111).
  • You can clearly see the TD Sequential indicator on this charts, the numbers above and below the candles. You can see how we went down all the way, reaching a full 13 negative count and now we start a new count, a positive one (this is way more detailed than that, but if you want to learn about this indicator you have to do your own research).
  • There isn’t much data on the other indicators, MACD, RSI, etc. But they are sitting at the ultimate bottom, waking up and trending up, with plenty of room for growth.

You can get a better picture by looking at the 4 hours chart, you can see the price declining hard but the MACD remains strong, this is a bullish signal… another one: VIBE chart on Binance by Alan Masters

  • The indicators are also bullish, and the candlesticks are looking great.
  • There are positive signals on the shorter time frames as well, 1h and 2h charts.
  • Remember that there is always a retrace after each top, all you have to do is wait, hold, and sell when your target comes around.


Message: More

Some people say more is less. I don’t understand.

Some people think that wanting more is greedy. Well, that doesn’t sound so great.

It isn’t about more, more is less or more is greed.

It is about the feeling, that you are feeling when it is time to receive.

So don’t worry about the amount, or how big you want your home.

You just need to be humble and grateful…

And each time you receive…

Open your arms…



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