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Cryptohunt has announced a TGE, as well as a demo of their AR based video game. The demo will be playable on Android and iOS platforms alike, providing maximum penetration in the mobile users market segment. The company saw that more people were spending time indoors in front of phones, consoles, TV’s, and wanted to change that on a large scale. By giving the people the opportunity to go out and meet new people, they looked to fix this. The financial incentivization of earning CH tokens by playing the game was to reward players fairly for their time input.

TGE Funds Used to Sustain Buyback program

The TGE funds will be used to fund the initial buyback period, until sponsors and partnerships become lucrative enough to sustain further operation of this. CryptoHunt has already secured 3 years worth of resources in the form of 100,000 coins and $750,000 in fiat for the buyback program.

Besides the potential sponsorships and already secured funding, CryptoHunt also looks to dedicate 80% of all earnings back to the players, with the company only keeping 20% of any profits. 55% of funds allocated will go towards game, web, and blockchain development, 20% towards long term development, 15% towards marketing and campaigns, 5% for legal fees, and the remaining towards the token buyback fund aforementioned.

The demo was released in February 2018, prior to the TGE. This allowed players the opportunity to explore the capabilities and offerings of the game in real time, allowing players and potential participants of the TGE a real taste of the future of Cryptohunt. The event itself will begin on the first of March, lasting for two weeks, ending March 15th, 2018. The Individual minimum cap is .1 ETH, and the maximum contribution of any one participant is 15 ETH, which speaks to Cryptohunt’s focus on a fair and distributed release of tokens.

Interested? Get on the Whitelist!

Participants interested must go through a whitelisting process, which includes a proof of care requisite. Being whitelisted will guarantee your contribution goes through, but users can also try their luck with the public crowdsale. The whitelisted sale begins 24 hours before the public one does but will only support 1000 people. Also, if the hard cap of $15,000,000 is reached during the whitelisted TGE, the public TGE will be canceled.

Bonuses are available to those whole the end of the demo and complete all 10 stages, an interesting pre-requisite.  This ensures bonuses for tokens are given to only committed individuals who are truly invested in the project, and not looking to simply sell tokens for a quick buck.

The release of Tokens will begin in April, with the final game release and major exchange listings occurring in June. CryptoHunt also looks to offer a debit card, which will begin in July, with the physical debit cards shipping in October of 2018, according to the roadmap found on their website.

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