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To shine the spotlight on exceptional achievements in the adoption of blockchain technology, Global Blockchain Congress is organizing an awards ceremony in Johannesburg during the 2 days of the Congress (16th & 17th July).

As the nominations continue, SUBAJ Global Network has been nominated for several categories. These include ‘Excellence in Application of Blockchain in Consumer Rewards Schemes,’ ‘Excellence in Application of Blockchain in Social Welfare,’ and ‘Best Blockchain Technology.’  The ICO is currently in its presale stage with 20 days till the crowdsale at the time of writing.

SUBAJ has been a frontrunner in consumer reward schemes and is all set to transform the retail space drastically. The aggregate revenue of the top 250 companies in retail was 4.4 USD trillion in 2016, and the total retail sale is expected to grow to 27 USD trillion by 2020. Despite these soaring figures, customers and merchants are often not satisfied with the existing rewards and systems.

To streamline the retail mechanism, SUBAJ has previously received the European Banking Reward at NABS Europe 2018. It envisions to solve the current market roadblocks of insignificant reward systems, unorganized market structures, and a lack of communication and marketing channels for merchants.

“We are extremely humbled by these nominations as they are a recognition of our efforts to bring a global retail revolution. This platform can truly spark a change by empowering merchants with customer behavioral trends and preferences. With such a decentralized digital ecosystem, customers are going to experience what shopping feels in Wonderland, ” shares Adebayo Surakatu, Founder & CEO of SUBAJ.

Apart from these significant measures in retail, he also believes in designing a social benefit system under Subaj Charity Foundation. Every time a customer gets a token, certain percentage of the transaction gets contributed to the charity. Additionally, there are programs for digital literacy, education and clean water.

About Subaj

SUBAJ provides a universal decentralized platform to all retailers, businesses, companies, and merchants to indulge in mutually beneficial trades. It will enable participants of the ecosystem to create their own cryptocurrency and offer it to customers as loyalty rewards within the SUBAJ Global Network. Merchants get access to behavioral insights, and customers get the freedom to exercise their rewards at any merchant on the platform. Apart from organizing the rewards market, SUBAJ is also introducing transparency in the system, allowing instant customer engagement, and functioning as a bridge between merchants and consumers.

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