Everyone working in the real estate industry knows real estate records are difficult to access, and they vary significantly in quality. As a result, real estate transactions are complex, time-consuming and often require the assistance of third parties.

Hence, blockchain technology, with its unique ability to facilitate transactions rapidly, offers an opportunity to make real estate transactions faster, simpler and easier to execute.

Blockchain Brings Benefits

Chelle Coin, an innovative platform backed by performing North American real estate, has developed a blockchain based ecosystem that makes real estate documents more accessible and transactions easier to execute.

The Chelle platform has been designed to save investors, buyers and sellers from having to contend with extensive paperwork and intermediaries when conducting real estate transactions. Changes in ownership, property value, construction status, taxes, insurance and other factors relevant to real estate can be recorded instantly on the Chelle blockchain.

Verifiable and trustworthy real estate histories can be accessed and exchanged in a matter of seconds. Meanwhile, the decentralized network maintains and protects user data and ensures the databases cannot be copied, manipulated or hacked.

Documents stored as ERC721 tokens on the Chelle blockchain can provide complete and accurate histories of real estate assets that can be easily shared. The ERC721 tokens acting in place of documents provide unprecedented transparency, security and ease of use.

Investors, buyers and sellers can to trade the ERC721 tokens with the Chelle platform’s native ERC20 token, the CHL. Where the ERC721 tokens represent unique values such as a SIN number, the ERC20 tokens represent one uniform unit, similar to a fiat currency denomination.

The Chelle Coin

While the Chelle platform promises significant improvements to all parties involved in real estate transactions, the Chelle coin, the CHL, offers an opportunity for investors to diversify their portfolios while mitigating their overall risk.

The CHL is backed by both residential and commercial real estate held by Chelle Corp., a real estate holding company established in 2014 that acquires and holds properties.

Moving forward, coin holders will be able to exchange their CHL into other crypto and fiat currencies, such as BTC, XRP, Dash or USD, on their investor dashboard.

The CHL has 40 million token cap, which allows the coin to be gradually integrated into the real estate market.

ICO Planned

The Chelle Coin pre-ICO will be from August 10th to August 31st while the main ICO will be from September 10th to December 3rd. The ICO has a $10 million soft cap and a $76.5 million hard cap.

Those participating in the ICO will receive regular monthly returns based on the performance of the properties within their portfolios. The monthly returns will occur three months following the completion of the ICO. All properties purchased will be listed on the Chelle Coin site following the ICO.

The pre-ICO value of the CHL is $0.75, 0.00114 BTC, and 0.04557 ETC. Following the ICO, the coins will be available for purchase on certain crypto exchanges.

The Chelle platform provides the most secure and reliable transactions with minimal fees and without the need for middlemen, extensive wait periods and separation from capital during exchange.

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