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Blockchain-based chat app designed to build communities, Consentium is aiming to transcend the basic chat functions and develop a sustainable app that can cater for businesses and communities. The developers go beyond other chatting software, which offers nothing more than simple e-commerce or remittances.

Updated Goals With Updated Look

The team behind Consentium is very much busy in redesigning not only the application but also the website. The updated version of the app will be available to Android users on the first of August, while iOS owners would get the app on 10th September.

In line with their renewed energy, Consentium has also announced an updated roadmap for their platform this year:

  • July: Website updates and overall change in the look and feel.
  • August: Release of Android chat application with e-wallet.
  • September: iOS-based application and crypto wallet.
  • October: Chat Community Monetization model.
  • November: Trading and e-commerce options within the chat applications.

Multiple Lingual Support & Other Key Features

As an app that is designed to work around the globe, the Consentium team knows that not everyone has command over the English language. As such, they have released four more versions of the app that supports Chinese, Korean, Arabic and Japanese.

The chat app allows users to chat, create and share content with other users either individually, or at a group level. This, coupled with the in-house Consentium token means that users have multiple monetization opportunities. With later add-on such as games and reward systems, the native token will come in handy for all users.

The basic transaction fee on the app is very low, 1% of the transaction amount. Not only is the charges low, but the fee will be borne by both the sender and the receiver, that is, 0.5%. The fee collected will be shifted to a cold storage escrow, where the funds will be distributed to the community users and content creators on a monthly basis according to set criteria.

Based on the Ethereum platform, the native token itself inherits the secure and fast features of the platform, allowing for faster transaction recording and updates. The stability and scalability of the platform is another plus.

The group chat is another great feature of the blockchain based chat app. Unlike other popular messaging services, the app will allow more than a thousand members per group! This, and its ability to cater for businesses means that entire organizations can shift their communications to the platform without the fear of overloading or slow down the system.

Long-Term Plans

Visioning itself as the default go to chat app in the future, the developers have some major update the plan for the app such as:

  • Biometrics for security
  • Cold, offline payments to merchants through QR codes.
  • Hardware wallets.
  • Expanded B2B services.
  • Multi crypto support.
  • Basic crypto trading

With a unique concept of monetizing chat and communication, Consentium intends to change how people interact at personal, group and organization level.

For more information on Consentium, visit their website:

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