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Leipzig, Germany — June 29, 2018

DYNO, a leading blockchain marketplace for sports and metabolic data, has partnered with the University of Leipzig. At the university, the marketplace’s developer DYNOSTICS has tested its advanced analytics device to compare its capabilities to other systems in the market. The evaluations prove that it is just as reliable as traditional analysis systems.

The University of Leipzig is one of Germany’s oldest and most prestigious institutions, with nine Nobel laureates and alumni such as Friedrich Nietzsche, Richard Wagner, and Angela Merkel. It is also distinguished for its Faculty of Sports Science.

Professor Dr. Reinhard Busse and his team at the university have worked closely with the DYNO team for the past six months. Together, they focus on device improvements that could lead to new products and a better DYNO marketplace. More so, the DYNO team has stated that “not only are they our research and medical professional partner, but they will also be one of the first customers and data users in the marketplace.”

There is much excitement about the device due its major improvements on the obsolete analysis machines, that are used to conduct regular diagnostics at sports medicine centers. Dr. Busse has expressed his enthusiasm in a recent statement.

“The device’s advanced sensor technology, low-price, and ease-of-use, are what truly sets it apart from the competition. Other, often larger, manufacturers, are miles behind DYNOSTICS’ technology. From a price-perspective, it was extremely difficult for us to justify spending large amounts on such machines. With DYNOSTICS, we will be able to run tests much more effectively and still gather highly precise and reliable data.”

About DYNO

DYNO is a data marketplace developed by DYNOSTICS, an established health-tech company with more than 45,000 users in over 26 countries and customers such as CleverFit and RedBull. It uses blockchain technology to enable users to store, share, and sell performance and metabolic data collected by DYNOSTICS’ advanced analytics device. These potential buyers include hospitals, universities, research institutes, and insurance companies.

DYNOSTICS launched in 2016, by founders Stefan Bartenschlager and Peter Schweiger. Along with sports science expert, Manfred Günther, they created an advanced analytics device designed to utilize the method of spiroergometry to identify detailed information about the users’ performance and metabolic data.

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