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Bitcoin Press Release: The INGOT Coin team are pleased to announce the completion of their pre token generation event receiving over $40,000,000 from 6000+ backers.

5 July 2018, LOCATION – INGOT Coin, stated that their intention is to create an unprecedented, a first-of-its-kind revolutionary ecosystem based on blockchain technology that will link newly developed crypto markets with the currently existing financial markets eliminating inefficiencies, while providing a one-stop ecosystem that enables participants to perform and execute transactions according to their financial needs. Since day one INGOT Coin has been tirelessly working on their mission, and today the team have some big news to share with you. INGOT Coin started to shape the future of the financial markets by collecting their soft cap, receiving over $40,000,000 USD. The team behind INGOT Coin is proud to announce that the Pre-token sale is officially closed after successfully raising $40,000,000 USD from 6273 true visionaries.

Congratulations to all those contributors & believers who participated in our pre-token sale campaign. The Ingotcoin team is grateful for the trust in the project and the response to the pre-token sale. The INGOT Team are proud to launch a decentralized financial ecosystem. They are always reaching for the stars. The next goal is reaching the hard cap. The token sale will continue until August 11th, in the meantime, INGOT Coin is working on overdrive to continually reach a larger audience and meet the hard cap. The chance is yours to become a backer of INGOT Coin’s public token sale and have access to IC’s all-inclusive Ecosystem. INGOT Coin aims to be one of the top ten cryptocurrencies. This will give a greater chance to accelerate the development and spread the INGOT Coin vision globally. The Ingot Coin token sale is live now and ends on 11th August 2018.

About INGOT Coin

INGOT Coin is about building an interconnected global community of trust and cooperation—the basis of which is honesty and transparency among its members. At INGOT, we believe that it is the right of all people to seize control of their lives; whether personally, socially, or financially. We are on our way in making a breakthrough in financial markets by presenting a revolutionary gateway towards an all-inclusive environment.

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