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AIRSTAYZ™, an innovative global travelTECH solutions platform and its worldwide distributed cryptocurrency for the travel and hospitality industry, raised $1.5 million in private sales during the first 36 hours of its private STAY token sale, which began on June 15. The token’s early popularity bodes well for the company’s further sale stages. for the travel and hospitality industry, raised $1.5 million in private sales during the first 36 hours of its private STAY token sale, which began on June 15. The token’s early popularity bodes well for the company’s further sale stages.

“We’re pleased, but not surprised, that the private sale started on such a strong note,” said AIRSTAYZ™ CEO Marc Italia. “The current hospitality industry has several pain points that blockchain can solve. Our platform is ready for deployment in just another 60 days, and the global interest we’ve received in STAY tokens reflects how badly international travelers want a cryptocurrency solution to common travel problems.”

Access to the private sale is available by invitation only, but AIRSTAYZ™ is still already halfway to the stage’s fundraising goal of $3 million. A 40% token bonus has no doubt contributed to healthy interest among token purchasers: purchasers who miss out on the private sale can still access token bonuses by participating in one of three pre-sales, featuring 30%, 20%, and 10% bonus rates. A final private sale stage will release 20 million more tokens. AIRSTAYZ™ plans to release a total of 93 million tokens over the course of their five stages all over the world markets for all travelers.

So far the sale’s most prominent buyers reside in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Latin America, reflecting the global scope of AIRSTAYZ™. Accredited investors in the U.S. will get a chance to purchase STAY tokens in about 45 days, Italia says, once AIRSTAYZ™ finishes SEC registration.


AIRSTAYZ™ is using blockchain to simultaneously solve many problems faced by both hotel operators and international travelers.

When travelers book hotels on the AIRSTAYZ™ App, they earn STAY tokens. They can use those STAY tokens to pay for an array of services offered by AIRSTAYZ™ hotels, such as room service, upgrades, spa treatments, etc.

AIRSTAYZ™ boasts an impressive roster of partner companies who accept STAY tokens, including Bellhop, a ride-sharing app partnered with Uber, Lyft, Arro, Curb, and Taxify; and OpenTable, one of the world’s premier restaurant reservation platforms. Their partnership with OpenKey means that AIRSTAYZ™ travelers can check in and unlock their rooms using their smartphone for secure keyless entry.

Partners currently in talks to join AIRSTAYZ™’ partner list include DeepMagic, a frictionless AI platform for in-hotel shopping; Delos, a wellness standards group working in the real estate and hospitality sectors; and Alluxe, a luxury rental service for yachts, cars, helicopters, and property.

About STAY Tokens

STAY tokens, unlike fiat currency, can move seamlessly and securely across international borders. Travelers paying with STAY tokens don’t have to worry about losing physical cash or cards, paying exorbitant exchange rates, or discovering their credit cards don’t work in a new city. Customers earn more STAY tokens when they leave honest reviews of their hotel experiences, incentivizing them to stay within the STAY token economy and continue patronizing AIRSTAYZ™ hotels and services.

Ordinary hotel and travel reward programs hand out points that don’t really belong to travelers–the hotel can decide to change the reward program at any time or enforce arbitrary expiration dates. Because STAY tokens aren’t just theoretical points but actual blockchain tokens that reside in the traveler’s cryptocurrency wallet, travelers genuinely own them. AIRSTAYZ™ hotels and services must accept the token regardless of how or when the traveler earned their tokens.

AIRSTAYZ™ hotels benefit from STAY tokens as well. They can use the STAY tokens they accept for services to buy premium ad space on the AIRSTAYZ™ app. By offering lots of STAY token services and providing guests with first-class hospitality experience, even small, boutique hotels can feature prominently in the AIRSTAYZ™ app through a combination of positive reviews and premium ad purchases. International travelers who earned STAY tokens during one visit by booking and reviewing an AIRSTAYZ™ hotel will look for other AIRSTAYZ™ hotels to use those STAY tokens at when planning their next trip to another location.

About the AIRSTAYZ™ Team

AIRSTAYZ™ Founder and CEO Marc Italia has 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry, where he focused on high-tech, data-based innovation. Co-Founder and President of Global Corp. Development Marco Soriano is a Finance Professor, business news commentator on networks such as Fox CBS and CNN, and former Goldman Sachs Mergers & Acquisitions expert with several multi-billion dollar USD deals in his track record. Co-Founder and CTO Ajit Mann built and owns, and has brought several innovative online booking platforms to market. Co-Founder Eric Moe is Founder and former CTO of OpenTable and current CTO of WideOrbit, a leading advertising software provider.

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