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Soon to launch, the BeepBeep Nation app (found at provides a platform to connect people who need help and others who can respond to their requests. Fuelled by the EMINENT (EMN) token (found at, it caters to any type of help request such as getting a ride home, getting a place to stay, having a local tour guide, getting recommendations for a good restaurant or baby sitter, and more. Users may have their various needs attended to for free, with just one “beep”.

Because of its decentralized model, BeepBeep Nation gives its users the choice of which help requests or help offers to accept. Not only does the app provide people “free services,” because the helper is really providing free help, it does so to build a helping economy efficiently and effectively.

A Whole New Level of Human Interaction

The BeepBeep Nation app is a true social app since it requires both requestors and helpers to arrange to meet up to resolve a problem. Built of real people who need to get help and people who can provide it, BeepBeep Nation will naturally ensure that requestors and helpers are all real people and not bots.

One implication of being a community app is that meetups between requestors and helpers can broaden every individual’s network and bring with it immense benefits. In the process of connecting requestors and helpers, BeepBeep Nation users return to the days when being social means actually meeting up in person and talking to each other face to face, instead of doing it mainly through the screen of a smartphone and hardly ever seeing each other.

BeepBeep Nation’s Dynamic Beep Network of Helpers (DBN)

The BeepBeep Nation app provides its users with a new connection concept called the “Dynamic Beep Network of Helpers” (DBN). Unlike Facebook and Twitter, DBN does not require you to ask people to become your “friends” and “followers” or to accept similar requests. Unlike LinkedIn, it does not make you indicate your “connections” to other people.

This means that DBN does not consist of the networks that you currently have. Indeed, everyone within a 1 – 5 miles radius of a location you specify is connected to you, even if you’ve never met him or her before – with the thread connecting all of you being the agreement to help each other out when help is requested and you’re able to provide the help. This opens up an entirely new world of interactions between BeepBeep Nation users that can also be very meaningful and fulfilling than the usual networks you are used to.

Because of this dynamic, when you move from a location to another, your DBN will change which means that you will always have a new pool of potential requestors and helpers, sometimes at different hours of the day depending on how fast you’re traveling.

As such, having a limited network of “friends,” “followers,” and “connections” also sets limits for the help we might acquire from them. On the other hand, having a new DBN every now and then offers endless opportunities for you to grow and benefit from. Even though these individuals might seem like strangers, BeepBeep Nation encourages its users to reach out and forge new relationships.

Safety Measures

As a social app that promotes face-to-face interactions among people who don’t have the usual connection with each other, BeepBeep Nation also has some features that will let users ensure their safety. Helpers and requestors upload profile photos to assist with choosing and then identifying who they are meeting up with.

Aside from that, the BeepBeep Nation app also has a ranking system called the Beep Rank, a green bar below every user’s profile photo that shows his score. Since both requestors and helpers can rate and comment on each other after help is provided, the Beep Rank provides ratings from his previous meet ups with other users, as well as other factors. Other safety measures include taking a “Beepie” before the help is delivered  (asking the helper or requestor to take a photo together and uploading it to their respective profiles before delivering the help), and a Chat feature for users to interact with each other before their meeting up.

BeepBeep Nation with its Dynamic Beep Network of Helpers will enhance your social interactions in ways that are far different from today’s social media platforms.

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