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It could be said that this year’s World Cup has been the most impossible to predict. Germany, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, and other strong teams have already been eliminated. Are you frustrated? Don’t be discouraged. Keep your head up!

MOAC Blockchain Co. will be holding a world cup betting activity on July 5th. From the quarter-finals to the championship, you’ll have a wonderful 2018 world cup whether you win or lose.

Activity Details:

How to participate:

Please follow this link to join the game:

There’s no conditions required to play. Just trust your instinct and make the right choice. Also, we provide the introduction of MOAC Technology and the latest MOAC news on the game website. If you don’t know what to install the TP wallet. You can find the answer on it as well.

How to play:

Game 1: Betting

Participants can start playing once they register and log in through the game home page. Select which team you think will win and click on their flag to submit. Winning players will receive rewards immediately.

MOAC will release game rankings and updates on the official channel during the event.


From 5th to 15th July.


Quarter Finals 0.5 MOAC

Semi Finals 1 MOAC

Finals 2 MOAC

Game Two: Drawing

You can participate in the drawing by earning two or more MOAC tokens through the betting event. The final winners will be published on the company community channel on July 18th.


From 17th to 18th July


1st Place Prize: 2000 MOAC (1 winner)

Eligibility Pool: People who won 4 or greater MOAC

2nd Place Prize: 200 MOAC (10 winners)

Eligibility Pool: People who have won 3 or greater MOAC.

3rd Place Prize: 50 MOAC (20 winners)

Eligibility Pool: People who have won 2 or greater MOAC.

Winnings Statement:

The winnings for this event are sent immediately. Please enter a correct and valid wallet address. If you do not enter your wallet address in time, please fill in the form before July 20. The system will send all unclaimed winnings on July 20th. Any wallet information submitted past the deadline is automatically void.

Go MOAC! Goal!

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