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While the Internet has brought a wealth of benefits, consumers going online for shopping and other activities have increasingly found their privacy compromised by major corporations that are hungry to use peoples’ data for their own commercial purposes.

Governments have recognized the problem, and have introduced consumer protection measures such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). But, big data companies continue to lure people with exploitive user agreements that compromise personal information.

Meanwhile, digital marketplaces make it difficult for people trying to sell and exchange their own content and services, by restricting how they do it and imposing excessive fees of up to 90% per sale.

In addition, most online communication relies on centralized platforms that become targets of hackers, further jeopardizing users’ data security and trust.

Ultimately, people today are losing control of their data and what they can do with it, and it’s time for a major change.

AXEL Meets The Challenge

Given all the challenges confronting those who want to take advantage of the benefits the global online marketplace offers, AXEL, a software innovator dedicated to consumers’ privacy since 2012, has worked to develop a platform to ensure user ownership over their data.

The 100-member AXEL team, which has 6 patents and 11 additional patents pending, has already established a range of software tools used by millions. The platform has secured more than 3 million downloads in 12 months and has earned a 4.4-star rating in the Google Play store.

The AXEL ecosystem now features AXEL Pay, which is designed to change the existing paradigm for consumer data. The app will enable users to buy, sell or trade digital assets directly with one another without any intermediaries. The user-friendly app and its patented software will allow users to share their files on any device quickly and easily, including video streaming, and with no size limits.

Users will be able to monetize their digital assets when they buy, sell or trade them. There will be no middlemen, high fees or invasion of user privacy.

Removing Barriers To The Global Market

AXEL Pay stands to empower entrepreneurs in many ways by removing the barriers to selling products and services online, thereby delivering secure access for hundreds of millions of people, globally.

AXEL transactions will be shielded from third parties by the AXEL token and its blockchain technology, which protects the privacy of each and every transaction.

Users’ ability to monetize their digital content will be further enhanced by the AXEL Marketplace, a decentralized selling environment. This marketplace will enable users to maintain their privacy and not be subjected to excessive fees.

Sellers on the marketplace will participate in an online portal with an audience primed to purchase their content. Sellers will promote their content in an ecosystem that can reach those most likely to purchase it. Importantly, this is all done within a trusted and secure platform.

Benefits For Content Creators

Content creators, who currently have few options for monetizing their own content profitably, due to third-party platforms that impose stringent rules and excessive fees, will be among the biggest winners on the AXEL Marketplace. AXEL Pay has already been enabling content creators to monetize goods and services directly to one another.

On the AXEL Marketplace, content creators will keep 95% of their sale price, compared to 20% on Shutterstock, 15% on Getty Images and 70% on iTunes.

It’s much easier for content creators, given AXEL’s patented technology. They can simply click files and it doesn’t matter what type of file. This is truly a unified marketplace for everything digital. In turn, buyers will have access to a large amount of content thanks to the removal of these barriers to entry. Search engine capabilities will help visitors find the content they are seeking even faster.

The AXEL blockchain will be supported by a dual public and private chain. Separating private user chains from the public one will speed up transactions and allow for improved scalability while sustaining the public ledger’s confidence.

The AXEL Blockchain ensures transaction information is kept to as few people as possible to maximize user privacy. Instead of putting every transaction on the entire blockchain, it will use a limited, random subset of users to verify each transaction. Moreover, only the broadest details of the transaction will be recorded.

As the Internet continues to provide consumers a global marketplace for products and services, AXEL’s blockchain based ecosystem will ensure data privacy along with access to new opportunities for audiences around the world, to directly and securely market their own goods and services.

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