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San Francisco — July 9, 2018

Blockchain expert Nick Evdokimov has launched a comprehensive video series on his YouTube channel that demonstrates investment techniques to navigate Initial Coin Offerings successfully.

These will be released once or twice a week to keep up with the evolution of a fast-changing market. This way, the series will be a complete and up-to-date online guide and a roadmap for viewers to learn about blockchain investments.

Blockchain is one of the most exciting and fastest developing industries that exist today. However, many of its private investors lose money. Figuring out where to invest has never been more challenging given the rising number of ICOs. More so, the market also faces difficulties such as high volatility and scammers that prey upon new investors.

Niсk Evdokimov became aware of these problems when he began to invest in the field in early 2016. “It’s hard for a beginner to decide if he or she should invest in currency tokens, utility tokens, security tokens, or even reward tokens. It’s even harder to avoid the scams and find any legitimate crypto analysts to trust.”

In the upcoming videos, Nick explains why some ICOs take off from the start and keep climbing, while others die out after just weeks or months. He covers how to analyze ICO documentation, discusses blockchain startup solutions, determines if there will be any demand, and shows viewers what to look for in teams that signal a strong investment. Viewers will also find out what questions to ask founders to determine if their project will be successful.

About Nick Evdokimov

Nick Evdokimov is an experienced entrepreneur who first achieved success through his contributions to search engine optimization. Further accomplishments followed him as an investor, token designer, blockchain evangelist, fintech leader, and author of seven marketing books, including a textbook on contextual advertising for MBA students.

He is now a leading expert in the field of blockchain technology and Initial Coin Offerings. After becoming involved with cryptocurrency mining, Nick went on to develop more than 40 tokens as an engineer, including key token models like token-discount, token-access, and a token-payment tool. He also invented a model for conducting mix-deals in which investors buy equity and conduct hedging transactions.

Nick is the founder of ICOBox, the world’s largest service provider for ICO solutions. He has contributed to major publications such as The Huffington Post, Urban Crypto, and Anycoin, and has spoken at global conferences in Gibraltar, United Arab Emirates, and Silicon Valley. Nick serves as an advisor to a number of successful blockchain startups.

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