One of the world’s top sources of information about the crypto market is now hiring. Coin Market Cap has listed open positions in the careers area of their website just as they have finally created their own, official Subreddit.CMC is HiringCoin Market Cap is the go-to point of choice for many active members of the cryptocurrency market. The site gleans data from multiple exchanges to which they contribute their own research in order to provide the most up to date representation of each cryptocurrency.Today the site has listed new positions available for both a full stack engineer and a lead ui/ux designer. Both positions seem to be remote opportunities and the company lists among the benefits; open work scheduling and full health coverage among others that include unlimited vacation. The company includes a mission statement on the page which reads:“We believe in an open and decentralized world, where we play a pivotal role in powering decisions and insights to drive greater understanding and adoption of cryptocurrencies. We want to achieve this mission with people who truly believe in the value and potential of empowering individuals.”In related news Coin Market Cap has officially begun its own subreddit page. The page which went up only ten hours ago at the time of writing already has 166 subscribers. It welcomes users with this opening post,“We will be posting updates and having more conversations with you here about crypto, market caps, how the market is doing, product improvements, feedback surveys, etc – our team is excited to be able to talk to all of you directly.” The official CoinMarketCap subreddit – r/CMC! from CMC
The creation of the subreddit was welcomed by users of CMC some of whom have already posted suggestions about coin inclusions and serious questions concerning CMC’s policies.Crypto is Fuel for a New InternetReddit is a hotbed for discussion and debate among active members of the crypto world from traders to developers to startup founders and is often the first point of breaking news and information from the space. Reddit co-founder Alex Ohanian has been an active cryptocurrency pundit since he quit actively managing the site. He recently called cryptocurrency ‘fuel for a new internet’ and has been outspoken about his beliefs that cryptocurrency can be a real solution for those who are under-serviced by fiat banking institutions.Reddit will be relaunching cryptocurrency payments on the site according to Chris Slowe, the chief technology officer after suspending them in March. In addition to Bitcoin, they are also considering the inclusion of Litecoin and Ethereum for use by its gold members. Image From Shutterstock

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