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The explosive growth of cryptocurrencies over the past two years has resulted in significant opportunities for traders.

As the crypto market continues to expand, investors face the formidable challenge of assessing short-term price movements for thousands of cryptocurrencies. With each passing day, the task of gathering and analyzing pertinent information becomes more and more time consuming.

The sheer volume of cryptocurrency data that traders need to digest can be overwhelming. Specialized tools are needed to properly analyze all of this available information.

Fortunately, trading tools that leverage artificial intelligence (A.I.) have begun to emerge.

These new A.I.-enabled tools are a welcomed alternative to the chat groups, forums, social media, and Internet browsing that traders currently use to analyze information and execute trades.

AI Comes To The Forefront

Intelligent Trading Foundation (ITF) is a fintech organization that provides cryptocurrency traders with a suite of trading tools to better achieve their goals.

Their mission is to give traders more power, control, and confidence over their cryptocurrency trades through technology.

The ITF platform monitors thousands of real-time data points, identifies opportunities using machine learning algorithms and technical analysis, and provides traders with actionable alerts to trade on.

Their A.I. trading bot emulates human information processing and attempts to predict future events based on historical data.

When a coin’s price is expected to increase or decrease by more than 2% in the next 15 hours, traders will receive an alert.

Similar technology has already been used in traditional financial market trading by banks and hedge funds to great effect.

Improved Analysis

Pairing traditional market trading concepts with A.I. pattern recognition and machine learning capabilities provides traders with the ability to analyze and interpret large amounts of cryptocurrency data with ease.

ITF’s Telegram bot performs time-consuming grunt work, then provides traders with concise insights they can use to identify market movement before it occurs.

In addition to receiving popular technical analysis indicators and strategies to help identify when a coin is trending bullish or bearish, bot users can also receive sentiment alerts notifying them of important news in the cryptocurrency market.

Premium subscribers can customize the alerts they receive by selecting the exact coins they want to follow, as well as setting their preferred risk level and trading horizon. Detailed research reports on specific cryptocurrencies are also provided before they become available to the public.

ITF’s token (Symbol: ITT) is an ERC20 Ethereum token and is used to pay for premium subscriptions.

More To Come

Later this year, traders can expect to receive a variety of additional trading signals that will assist them in making even more well-informed trades.

Weekly support levels, additional proprietary alerts & strategies, and arbitrage opportunities are on the roadmap for release in the third quarter.

Intelligent Trading Foundation’s artificial intelligence will evolve tremendously in the fourth quarter. Premium subscribers will have access to automated trading, a personal A.I. trading assistant, and portfolio management auto-balancing.

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