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The age of online advertising has become one of the most debated issues in the world right now. From social media to search engines, one common factor becomes a thorny issue among advertisers and the targeted public and that is the use of the personal data, cookies, etc without permission. Shady organizations like Cambridge Analytica and other data companies who collect user data have recently landed in hot water because of this issue.

Blockchain Technology is often seen as a solution to this illegal data collection. Blockchain-based advertising companies often use voluntary data option from users to fuel their ecosystems. JiojioMe is a Blockchain-based advertising data ecosystem that benefits all parties by allowing customers to sell their advertising preferences and other data voluntarily. The users earn the native cryptocurrency JCASH in return for their data and have numerous other advantages over conventional advertising platforms that fleece their data. JCash is a concerted effort to bring transparency and voluntary data sharing to the advertising ecosystem that can potentially disrupt the whole space.

Benefits for Advertising Companies

Voluntary data sharing is mostly seen as a negative thing by advertisers but in the JCASH platform, the JiojioMe app allows advertisers to get their tailor-made advertisements in place. With this revolutionary process, advertisements can be made to target individual users’ interests and market services or products directly to them in an efficient manner using the incorruptible nature of the Blockchain Technology.

Using this voluntary data, JiojioMe can also help analyze consumer behavior and other useful patterns in consumer spending. JCASH can be used to directly target ads to users using these consumer behavioural tools. The ads are then run on the platform using JCASH and its Proof-of-Activity (POA) consensus algorithm. The POA system is designed for advertisers to know exactly what they are paying for and who is being targeted in their campaigns. JCASH can also be used by advertisers to increase their audience and viewings.

Benefits for Businesses

JiojioMe also incentivizes businesses directly through more effective advertising campaigns and get their products out with increased customers retention statistics. It is a cost-effective measure for businesses that allows merchants to gain new customers and retain existing ones through the interactive JiojioMe app.

More than 600 merchants have already joined the JiojioMe app and are using JCASH for the various features.

Migration to the Ethereum Blockchain

While JCASH is a centralized currency as of now, the entire ecosystem is going to migrate to the Ethereum Blockchain on 9 November 2018. It will offer the power of the Blockchain Technology through an interactive Smart Contracts and Application Programming Interface (API).

Users can join the World Cup Event and win an iPhone X on the native app.

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