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In the wild west of Initial Coin Offerings there is a myriad of platforms offering investors a place to make millions. They try to differentiate themselves by offering additional security, hybrid (decentralized and centralized) exchange features, or their own vetting process. Nevertheless, many of the services remain the same: the ability to buy into ICOs after having gone through a KYC process, and receiving some information provided by the platform. This is largely in part thanks to the democratization of investing that crypto has created by having a vehicle accessible to the average investor. In fact, many experienced investors have been hesitant to participate; volatility affects both experienced and inexperienced investors. The kind of undisciplined investment that the fast money culture that developed around this volatility, also played a negative role that Vertex will help to eliminate.  

What Makes Vertex an Actor for Change in the Industry?

So, what differentiates Vertex for other platforms to the point that it can help the market get rid of undisciplined investment for the benefit of everyone? Most saliently, it is the first token aftermarket, which means that Vertex will buy into these ICOs with its own funds, after an extreme vetting process, to then sell these ICO tokens it acquires to the users on its platform. This is huge: for starters, Vertex itself will keep some of the tokens it acquires in, which means it has a vested interest in evaluating the ICO tokens that will be available through its aftermarket. Its team of disciplined investors will evaluate each ICO token that is acquired and offered using traditional metrics borrowed from angel and seed investing. More interestingly, Vertex is incorporating principles outlined by Smith + Crown on self-governance as part of its evaluation of ICOs. The second ramification of the creation of an aftermarket is that good ICOs, which often are bought out at presale, will be accessible to the average investor using the Vertex platform.

For new investors, Vertex will be more than an easy to use platform like other in the market. It will offer the peace of mind of investing into tokens that have been evaluated and acquired by a team of experts with a depth of knowledge in private equity and angel investing, using principles borrowed from traditional investing and those that have been developed in crypto-trading. They will benefit from transparent analysis and easy to read information on tokens made available in the platform.

For experienced investors, Vertex will offer the convenience of having to undergo a single KYC process to participate in the Vertex market. They will be able to see familiar information on potential ICOs to invest in a language that is familiar to them. Vertex will offer in its platform tokens selected with the discipline that experienced and institutional investors are accustomed to in traditional investments.

For all investors, the Vertex platform will offer unique features. It will offer exclusive access to ICOs that will only be made available through Vertex, and preferential access to ICOs that Vertex will have bought into early and made available at reduced prices in its platform before the tokens hit exchanges. Finally, one of the most interesting features of the platform the design of its utility token through which users will buy and sell tokens. This VTEX token will allow for the creation of an ecosystem centered around disciplined investment, exactly what the market needs to get rid of the fast money culture.

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