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Dubai, 12th of July 2018 — Õpet is the newest addition to Pecunio’s Venture Capital Fund, a well-selected portfolio from the U.A.E. based asset platform, inviting the global education foundation combining AI, education and blockchain into its midst.

Pecunio’s Venture Capital Fund has acquired only high-profile blockchain start-ups with unique selling points, with this new addition clearly proving it’s orientation towards the future. The Opetfoundation is linked to notable partners such as the Psychometrics Centre of the University of Cambridge and will enable equality of opportunities through education via disruptive technologies.

Mr. Wilson Wang on the investment partnership:

“This momentous arrangement will bring Õpet the opportunity to be pitched to further institutional investors as part of Pecunio’s exclusive seed portfolio — a move that will only extend Õpet’s presence in the global scene, gaining more traction than it already has. It is also encouraging that a notable innovative fintech firm like Pecunio pays specific attention to support a wholesome blockchain project in this rewarding Education-Inclusion and Impact Investing space, lending credence to the potential of how disruptive technologies can truly foster the equality of opportunities globally. We are extremely excited to have Pecunio riding on this journey with us.”

– Mr. Wilson Wang, Founder & CEO of Õpet.

The Singapore-based company runs its token sale accreditation via the SAFT agreement and has achieved extraordinary high rankings on ICO rating sites like ICObench and Tokenreview. The vision is clear: With $60BN of education-related philanthropy every year just in the US, if only 1% tried the Õpet method, the result would be a potential $600MM market for the company.

CEO Reinhard Berger of Pecunio:

“Doing good things doesn’t mean you can’t be profitable. […] Wilson knows how to run a business, to attract and retain best people, and he lives and breaths a clear and noble vision. Supporting him and his team to succeed provides us as Pecunio with the opportunity to change the world for the better.”

About Õpet

Õpet is a Singapore-based company, focusing on the development of an AI-companion chatbot that is capable of learning high school curriculum and revision assistance. It also offers a digital companion tuition service to assist in students’ revision efforts, as well as recommend suitable tertiary institutions and courses of study globally via collected user data stored on its unique blockchain solution, facilitating a seamless tertiary/college application and admission validation. Õpet also empowers an accountable way of education-related philanthropy.

About Pecunio

Pecunio is an asset platform for safe and easy blockchain investments. As United Arabian Emirates’ leading blockchain company, contributors benefit from a sound business model, enabling investments into angel & venture capital (AC&VC) funds and high-end cryptocurrency funds. Besides that, the investment platform focuses on settling B2B transactions with a gold-backed currency used as “gold-tether”.






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