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For traders and hodlers looking for a solid investment in these volatile times, one equity crowdsale which is currently live on FCA-regulated crowdfunding site Crowdcube might offer just such an opportunity.

UK-based company BABB (Bank Account Based Blockchain) is currently offering equity to investors in an almost unprecedented move in the blockchain space. Having completed its sold out token sale in early 2018, BABB is giving its community the chance to own shares in the company as well as hodling its crypto-asset, BAX.

The funds raised will be used to meet the minimum capital requirement for BABB’s banking license applications in the UK and Lithuania. BABB is seeking to achieve bank status in the UK and Europe, offering blockchain-based banking in a regulated environment and effectively bridging the gap between the legacy banking world and the bold new blockchain landscape.

Who is BABB?

BABB is the World Bank for the microeconomy. There are almost 2 billion people in the world without access to banking, and traditional banks can’t do anything to help. Using blockchain technology to lower costs and improve security, and biometrics technology to remove barriers to access, BABB will connect everyone to the global economy.

The BABB app is currently in development, with the first release due to be launched in the UK and Europe in Q4 2018. Further releases are scheduled for 2019 with access rolled out gradually to emerging markets.

BABB sold out its token sale in February 2018 and currently has over 14,000 token holders. Its community of over 50,000 supporters spans over 140 countries across the world, eagerly awaiting the app launch so that they can become the first users.

Why shares?

Buying equity shares in a private company is quite different to buying the project’s tokens. Although the shares are not immediately liquid or tradeable in the way that altcoins are, owning shares represents having ownership in a company and this gives you certain rights.

All shareholders in BABB will have ownership rights, voting rights on key decisions and the right to any dividends the company pays out in the future. Shareholders will be able to trade the shares when the company is floated on the public stock market in an IPO (initial public offering). Shareholders can also expect a return if BABB is acquired by another company.

In these volatile times, many in the crypto world are diversifying their portfolios with conventional investments, including equity shares. Holding shares is an investment for the long term and offers a way to claim a more tangible stake in promising projects.

Invest in BABB

This fundraise is the last piece of the jigsaw in BABB’s application to become a bank in the UK and Europe and the raise is already over 50% funded. Invest in BABB to own a piece of the company which promises to be the first licensed blockchain bank.

Visit the BABB page on Crowdcube to read the full pitch, download the business plan and invest now via credit or debit card.

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