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Ever since history began, gold has always been a safe, stable, never-let-you-down commodity. Be it the oil shock, the Great Depression, or the Subprime Mortgage Crisis, gold has always maintained its value and protected the assets of its owners.

Starting on July 10, 2018, Digital Gold Exchange (DGE) opened the official ICO for the new TMTG cryptocurrency and has since captivated global investors’ eyes, celebrating the very first gold-swappable coin as its name TMTG (The Midas Touch of Gold) suggests.

What’s so fascinating about TMTG lies on the immediate and sure-fire exchangeability to gold through Korea Gold Exchange 3M, with which DGE signed an exclusive partnership for exchanging TMTG to either virtual or real gold real-time. DGE has partnerships signed with many other partners such as Happy Money and other virtual currency providers as well. Furthermore, TMTG will expand its exchangeable commodities to other precious metals such as platinum and diamonds in the near future.

The CEO of DGE, Captain Kwag is a seasoned veteran with significant experience in the cryptocurrency field. He has recently developed an E-commerce platform with Magento and now leads a very talented and experienced crew for TMTG’s future partnership with global players such as Alibaba and Rakuten.

The ICO price for TMTG is set at a remarkably lower level compared to its potential market price and those who join in now shall be eligible for a much more favorable trading price rate to gold. The ICO lasts from GMT 00:00 July 10 to July 25.

Please refer to the official ICO website for further details.

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