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The digital age, the internet, and blockchain have revolutionized many of the most important industries on the planet, while changing the underpinning financial system, how we communicate, our approach to security and even the way in which we can generate income.

Advertising has also been influenced by new technologies, especially online advertising, which has radically transformed the way in which products and services are introduced to consumers. The internet changed the way in which advertisements are made and many users did not realize until fairly recently that their personal data, and especially their tastes and behaviors, were being constantly monitored, used, and analyzed by large corporations to monetize and display advertising constantly. Invasive cases where the users’ experience was damaged while navigating web pages are commonplace. The users are not the only ones affected since content creators do not receive fair income for the content they have created and the advertisers pay at least 50% more due to click-and-view fraud perpetrated by bots.

Monetize what are you sharing to third parties, source:

C3C: a fair-play platform that connects creators, consumers, & advertisers

C3C is a revolutionary decentralized platform that solves these online media problems, replacing the advertising-driven business model. In this new business model, consumers have control over their data, advertisers can reach the highest quality audiences directly, and content creators can get fairly rewarded with a simple like. The C3C blockchain will have strong anonymity algorithm to guarantee public accountability and a better scalability of micro payments to protect user privacy.

C3C will build a blockchain-based community driven by quality and value, ensuring that valued content can easily stand out and those content creators are rewarded accordingly. All transactions will be recorded on their own blockchain, ensuring transparency, immutability, and regulation enforcement.

C3C is carrying out a token sale to finance its business model.

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A unique value proposition

C3C creates a unique win-win relationship between consumers, content creators, and advertisers thanks to their reward and monetization model:

  • Reward Creators: creators deserve to be rewarded for the content they contribute to an online network. C3C’s protocol makes rewarding creators as easy as giving a Like for their role in moderation, editing, and content strategy.
  • Effective Control and Monetization of Personal Data: the platform gives consumers a way to reclaim the data they create online (personal data and behavior information) and allow them granular control of their data with the main goal of providing a secure and consensual exchange of data, giving direct monetization options back to the customer. Consumers share only what they want to and are in control at all times.
  • Direct Advertiser-Consumer Relationship: when advertisers can talk to consumers directly, reward them for interaction, and educate them through meaningful content, the middle-men become unnecessary. Through C3C’s blockchain network, interaction between advertisers and consumers can be tracked and measured.

The C3C platform allows publishers to split the rewards they receive with creators. Each publisher can customize how a reward is split by percentage and the consumer has full visibility of this in the spirit of full transparency.

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A step ahead of the competition

The C3C decentralized blockchain platform will allow users to monetize their own data and behavioral information. This is what internet giants search for when users sign up on their sites and they use this to tell advertisers what a user is like using their historic data and personal behavior. The C3C platform offers the tokenization of the advertisement where, unlike the current model, content creators can increase their income, advertisers can reduce costs, and users will have control and ownership of their data and how this is shared with third parties.

So, if blockchain can make this a reality, how much would you be able to get for your data?

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