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Being the leading platform of current Prediction Market industry, EtcGame has been committed to creating easy-to-use products for the industry through a variety of innovations.

Recently, EtcGame finished adjusting the prediction projects on the website since the World Cup ended. For the moment, predictions for the 9 most important international soccer events, world-renowned eSports competitions and tournaments, as well as domestic and foreign lotteries are all online. In spite of the fast development of the platform, EtcGame has never slowed down its pace of designing new functions and bettering the system.

The most important thing about the upgraded version of EtcGame is that users’ needs of “quick bet” can be met now, as there will be only three steps for users to enjoy our games.

First, register, log in and set withdrawal password;   

Register by e-mail is okay. It’s extremely convenient.

Second, deposit;

By registering as our members, users can deposit via “Assets Center” on the homepage, transferring ETC from exchanges or personal wallets to their accounts on our platform. It’s very fast and convenient for users to bet by sending their coins form exchanges to prediction addresses on the platform, or through direct deposit and withdrawal on the platform. In this way, users without official or personal wallets will not bother from downloading those wallets in advance.

Third, start betting.

ETC deposited into one’s account on EtcGame will be instantaneously transferred to a smart contract address when the user starts betting. After logging in to the refreshed website, users will find that odds information of each prediction item is already displayed under the list. Therefore, users can directly place the bets without opening the detail page. It is much easier for users who want to take part in several predictions at once.

Moreover, EtcGame provides decentralized prediction based on smart contracts to ensure that every bet can be tracked on blockchain. Transactions on EtcGame are open, transparent and highly secure. Fast settlement is guaranteed by automatic smart contract processing.

Only by interacting with users can developers dig out users’ real requirements and functions truly benefit them so as to improve user experience gradually and provide most easy-to-use products to end users. The fact that EtcGame has always stuck to this principle is significant to users and the whole market. We can easily understand this point by looking at the example of iPhone.

The most overwhelming thing about iPhone lies in that its insight into users’ real requirements makes them reluctant to return to Android phones. When downloading an APP, Android system will keep asking questions in pop-up windows, such as “Are you sure you want to install this?” Of course I want to install it! What else do you think I download that for? But using iPhone is another story, as it will automatically install an APP right after downloading and show how much of the installation is complete. So which system is more user-friendly? I think the answer is quite obvious.

EtcGame will keep improving and updating the website to make sure that users can earn a lot with great fun. EtcGame excels other prediction platforms not only due to the advantages of decentralization, swift settlement by smart contract, checkable transactions on blockchain as well as security and transparency, but also for its commitment to providing great content, abundant functions and rich details.

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