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Bitcoin Press Release: MOBU is launching an all-in-one platform that enables blockchain developers to develop and issue security tokens, legally, compliantly and with ease.

July 17th, 2018: A majority of tokens issued through initial coin offerings (ICOs) are not securities; this classification of digital coin comes with some rather strict regulations which if not managed properly, can cause damage to the issuers project in a number of ways.

Tokenized Securities

Traditionally securities are financial instruments that bear some monetary value and are considered as stocks, representing rights to ownership or part of a company. Tokenizing those assets comes with some difficulties – launching an ICO that offers a security is challenging due to the technical, legal and regulatory requirements. As a result, ICO operators tend to stay clear of issuing security tokens.

MOBU is offering a solution that takes on these challenges because there are significant advantages to security tokens, and furthermore, it is expected that they will dominate the blockchain market in 2027, especially if sufficient regulatory frameworks are in place.

Here are a few key advantages identified by MOBU:

  • Lower Fees – The cost of launching an ICO is far more cost-effective than the traditional initial public offering (IPO), it cuts out middlemen such as banking institutions. Additionally, security tokens lower fees in tandem with smart contract technology that reduces the reliance on lawyers. Smart contracts allow for simplicity across multiple facets including management of costs and the managing of the securities themselves, i.e. collecting signatures, wiring of funds etc.
  • Execute Deals Faster – With the removal of middlemen, investment transactions are put into a rapid timeline for issuers to offer their security; instantaneous trade settlement on the secondary market for security tokens is a wonderful advantage, for issuers and investors alike.
  • Reach more Investors – There is a dramatic increase of potential investor base when deals can be presented to anyone who possesses an internet connection. Having access to every potential investor in the world is extraordinarily attractive for issuers and creates a healthy global competition.

How it Works

Businesses who wish to issue security tokens will build their ICOs on the MOBU platform; MOBU bridges the gap between the securities marketplace and the blockchain, and it facilitates the release of fully compliant security tokens for all businesses backed by real assets.

Furthermore, it creates an ‘abstract smart contract’ from which all security ICOs will be extended; this contract is coded to allow for these ICOs to conform to the MOBU ERC20 platform and MOB20 standard.

MOBU Tokenomics

The MOBU token is a utility token that powers the MOBU ecosystem, it’s an open protocol token, which can be freely bought and sold on supporting exchanges. The tokens are utilized by users of the platform which include but are not limited to ICO issuers, Developers, KYC Providers, Investors and Legal Representatives.

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