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Sapien Network is creating a tokenized, democratized, reputation-based, Web 3.0, social news platform that will give users back control of their data, reward content creators, and fight fake news. They are looking to leverage the latest Blockchain technologies to build a platform that is immune to censorship, guards free speech, respects user privacy, and persists content, many of the problems currently facing Web 2.0 platforms.

Sapien is one of the few projects that already has a working Beta product that the general public can access and use today. It already has over 3,000 users, 8,000 posts, 11,000 comments, and over 2.3 million staked SPN.

Check their website for up to date statistics and to access the platform.


This under-the-radar project has been methodically and consistently knocking down milestone after milestone on their Roadmap. Some of their most recent accomplishments include a Marketplace that accepts its own native token (SPN), a partnership with leading blockchain identity technology provider, Civic, a partnership with branding legends, Iconika, and the recent release of their mobile apps available in both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. Now they’re about to unlock yet another massive achievement by releasing the much coveted SPN Rewards Engine.

Sapien sincerely believes that users are the true value creators within a social network and that they should be fairly rewarded for their contributions to the platform. This is where the SPN Rewards Engine comes into the spotlight and plays an important role. The engine rewards them for being active while contributing real, original, creative content to the community.

The SPN Rewards Engine will allow users on Sapien’s platform to earn staked SPN tokens while using it how you would for any other social platform. This means actions that are normal on other platforms, such as posting, commenting, and voting, will now earn users SPN. The Rewards Engine is designed to not only keep the community active, but to also have a platform that encompasses a higher level of quality content devoid of spam, trolls, and fake news.


With the implementation of this unique, pioneering rewards program, Sapien is allowing each and every user to earn SPN.

SPN Rewards can be earned in various ways.

  • Upvoting quality posts.
  • Creating or curating quality, original content by posting about topics of interest, adding pictures and videos, news, or simply sharing one’s thoughts with the community.
  • Commenting on posts and adding thoughts and value to a discussion, giving feedback or simply having fun commenting on a subject with other Sapien users.

One of the main concepts of Sapien is to encourage users to create and share high quality content and that is being displayed right this instance as the Beta platform is already fostering a vibrant community posting all kinds of content including cryptocurrency, recipes, and even electric cars.

Currently, new users need to stake 100 SPN to attain full access to the Sapien Beta, however, in the next few weeks, Sapien will be sending 100 Staked SPN to all registered users of the platform. Without the Staked SPN, new sign ups will be relegated to ‘read-only’ mode.

In order to have access to the rewards engine, you will need to:

  1. Create an account on the Beta here:
  2. Acquire SPN

Users have a number of options to acquire SPN tokens as they are currently available on IDEX, LATOKEN, and Radar Relay. Radar Relay operates a bit differently than most exchanges, but they’ve put together a simple how-to here.

There will be more options available in the near future as Sapien is looking to make the SPN token more accessible and easier to acquire.

  1. Stake SPN

After acquiring SPN, users can start staking tokens in just 2 simple steps. Sapien outlines the process step-by-step here: Staking SPN Tokens

That’s it! Join the Sapien community, stake SPN, and earn SPN rewards for contributing to Sapien’s community.

For more information about Sapien, visit their Website, follow them on Twitter and join their Telegram.

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