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DALLAS, TX, July 27, 2018 — Timicoin, world’s first cryptocurrency mobile platform to use blockchain technology for storing and accessing medical records, will have its healthcare expert team at the upcoming BLOCK SHOW in Las Vegas August 20-21, 2018.  The team will show how the platform covers all aspects of our DNA and Medicare benefit solutions thru secure blockchain technology.

Timicoin’s technology provides unprecedented patent-pending solutions to secure and easily access patient data from anywhere in the world. Timicoin’s platform comes at a time when healthcare is reeling from inefficiencies and fraud that’s causing a shift towards digital transformation.  Driving interest in Timicoin is a flood of news about companies taking advantage of patients and defrauding the world by genetic-testing schemes by those who yearn to hoard and monetize personal data. Into this dark picture comes Timicoin with a bright blockchain solution to the rescue, destined to save the healthcare industry much embarrassment and give patients control over their most personal and precious asset, their DNA.

“The more conferences we inspire and summits we attend, the more our vision becomes a reality and attracts the attention and ultimately the trust of the healthcare industry,” said Will Lowe, Managing Partner, Timicoin/TimiHealth.

“It’s important to have the team available for all questions to be answered as conference attendees and the media must know how topical and imperative the need for a better healthcare system and that’s what TimiHealth is here for,” added Lowe.

The TimiHealth team on site will comprise Will Lowe, Managing Partner; Marshall Votta, Senior Healthcare Strategist; Ramiro Pequeno, Managing Director and Co-Founder; Government Programs Expert Kai Tsai; Advisory Board Chairperson Joyce Lignell; Miguel Esparza and Timicoin Project Manager and CTO; Dick Escue.

Also on the team is Celebrity UFC Champion Michael Bisping, who is an investor in the company.  Media will be invited to explore the Timicoin/TimiHealth mobile platform for both doctors and patients to see how it safely stores and accesses medical records.

Bisping will talk about Timicoin/TimiHealth’s mission to revolutionize the healthcare industry and will be available for interviews at the conference.

The Timicoin solution will address the news about schemes whereby companies are giving access to medical records for fraudulent purposes, but through Timicoin those records and personal data will be under the patient’s discretion and control.

TimiDNA and TimiBlue2.0 initiatives have made the industry’s head turn and its continually adding all channels to their system, which will not only organize, safety-proof and decentralize medical records in many areas, but will give patients the upper hand on controlling who sees and uses their health records with the Timicoin/TimiWallet system.   

Timicoin/TimiHealth has already tapped into the DNA of all the important conferences such as the Blockchain Super Conference in Dallas and HiMSS18 in Las Vegas, Santa Clara Global Blockchain Forum , the HLTH Forum in Las Vegas as well as the Annual Healthcare Blockchain Summit in Boston and now the BLOCK SHOW in Las Vegas August 20-21, 2018.

About Timicoin/TimiHealth: 

The Mobile Health Record Platform provides complete security of medical records accessible from anywhere. Timicoin/TimiHealth is a patent-pending solution to securing patient data, while providing unprecedented portability. The company is actively working on pilot programs in the US, Mexico City and Monterrey, Mexico while introducing revolutionary areas new to market such as TimiDNA, TimiBlue2.0 and TimiWallet. 

Media Contact: Adrienne Mazzone [email protected] 561-750-9800 or on site at Block Show 561-908-1683

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