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While it is hard to fathom a world where the internet does not exist and we don’t have unfettered access to instant communication, the internet is only a few decades old and every now and then, we meet someone who unplugged it for a while, and that was not the end of the world. However, when it comes to entertainment, and music to be specific, it is truly impossible to imagine a world without it. Music is as old as time, and in many ways, entertainment in its various forms is the only way we relieve stress to make our constant grind for that better life tolerable. Quite simply, it would not be an exaggeration to say that music is as essential to most of us as the air we breathe since it is not physiologically so, but you get the picture.

Despite pulling trillions of dollars in annual revenue, the world’s music and wider entertainment industry are not in their best possible state. The world is literally full of hundreds of millions of undiscovered talents located in every corner of our planet. But due to the huge difficulties these talented people face in showcasing their gifts to the world, we never get to hear of them so their dreams die in their infancy due to a hostile industry practice that does not offer fair game. With other pressing problems such as piracy, discrimination of certain people based on race or beliefs, and lack of incentive for upcoming musicians and entertainers, the industry is in dire need of revamping itself in order to move onto the next stage of its evolution.

The iLink2Music Revolution

iLink2Music is a blockchain based startup that seeks to take on the world’s music and wider entertainment industry. It seeks to shake things up, reinvent, and completely turn things upside down, from the current inefficient and wasteful practices to one that is befitting of a global village in an information age. iLink2Music is a first of its kind social media network that seeks to put creators at the forefront of its consideration. It is a revolutionary platform that will offer all members in its ecosystem that fair chance to excel, build their talent and find a global audience that will reward their hard work. The iLink2Music platform seeks to take the battle to the status quo in not just the music industry, but social media and talent-discovery industries of the world.

The Beginning of A New World Order

With its EOSIO powered blockchain framework, iLink2Music is a truly ambitious project with high expectations, as it aims to reinvent the very way social media is used by consumers all around the world. Unlike the present frameworks where users create all the content and get no financial reward for it, iLink2Music seeks to turn the tables around; users are not only encouraged to create unique and high-quality content but get handsomely rewarded for it using its native ELINK Token.  

The iLink2Music platform is an all-inclusive one as it does not only shine the light on already successful entertainers; it also nurtures new ones and gives them every tool and opportunity to hit the big leagues too. With a unique ecosystem that brings creators, influencers and their target audience all under one roof, anyone from anywhere has an equal chance to interact and network to find an audience in order to reap the rewards from it. iLink2Music is a music entertainment social media platform; creativity is the watchword and all users with that creative spark are offered a truly global audience to find their niche and their market without the need of a record label or godfather in their industry.

Opportunity Unleashed

Much like the blockchain technology that powers it, iLink2Music maintains a highly secure and transparent process that makes sure no one feels their chance is being stolen from them. With an open IL2Voting platform, all creators, influencers, and global audience are assured that all rewards go to those who rightfully earn them. All ELINK Token holders have access to this voting platform, and as such, whether music, fashion, sports or no matter what your talent maybe, you will have a truly unbiased global audience that could fall in love with your gifts. Furthermore, through mentorship, influencers in your niche will help you reach greater heights. With other exciting features such as constant contesting and a visionary team with decades of experience between them, iLink2Music is set to take the greater part of the internet by storm. Music, Entertainment, Fashion, Sports Talent Hunting, and most importantly social media will never be the same as the iLink2Music Revolution takes hold.  

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