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The HPB Node Application Phase came to a close and was completed successfully. At precisely 00:00 August 1, 2018 the HPB Node Application had received 7,841 community registrations for the election and a total of 67 institutional registrations for the invitation. Community users account for 99.15% among the total number of all Node Applications.

Among the 7,841 community Node Applications for the election, 138 applicants passed hardware testing successfully and now enter the KYC vetting stage. In terms of demographic dispersion, China received the highest number of applications, followed by international applicants including the US, the UK, Germany, Sweden, Singapore among others.

The HPB Node Election Voting will open on August 28 and we will publish a detailed “How-to-Vote” guide closer to this date.

HPB will now begin with the KYC vetting stage and will contact the successful applicants by e-mail. We kindly ask our successful applicants to closely monitor e-mail and spam folders for further instructions.

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