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The company is addressing several problems many people have faced in the pursuit of better healthcare. Medipedia promises to bring you a platform where you can get all the information you need and pay only what you’re supposed to.

There’s no doubt thousands of people travel every year to South Korea, and other countries, in search of higher-quality healthcare, affordable services, or even exclusive medical treatments not available elsewhere.

Finding Reliable Information is a Challenge in Medical Tourism

In most cases, people tend to follow their friends’ referrals and get in touch with the same services as they did. Others, less fortunate, have to dig up the information on their own from all sorts of online sources — some more reliable than others. In the worst case scenarios, people pay incredibly high fees to an agency to gather that information for them.

Medipedia’s solution promises to solve the many issues plaguing this industry. For starters, the platform allows for users to register a medical profile which should be truthfully filled in, or penalties will be applied.
All Information is Encrypted and Safely Stored in a Blockchain
Since the platform operates in a blockchain, the personal information is stored and encrypted and only made available to a medical provider of the user’s choosing.

The other obvious benefit of operating such an enterprise within a blockchain framework is the reliability of the network — medical information will always be safe and backed up, preventing loss of data. Furthermore, as the information is stored within the blockchain, it can be easily accessed and transferred between medical providers, if the user wishes to do so.

When searching for medical care, the user will receive several offers from the available medical providers. In an effort to eliminate price competition, only the user will be able to see the offers made by the different medical providers — this information won’t be shared between them. For example, if Medical Provider A offers a treatment for $500 and Medical Provider B for $800, only the medical consumer would be able to see it.

Finally, once users have narrowed-down the list of medical providers they’re interested in, Medipedia’s platform allows doctors to conduct consultations online. By doing so before traveling, patients can get an accurate cost for their treatment, as they’re evaluated by a doctor beforehand.

All Parties Involved Win With Medipedia

Patients are arguably the biggest winners in the group. Through Medipedia’s platform, users will save both money and time. On one hand, by eliminating the need to hire a medical travel agent, patients costs drop drastically. On the other hand, by connecting users directly with medical institutions, patients shorten the time taken to find and choose a medical provider.

Medical providers also stand to gain with Medipedia. By being a part of Medipedia’s trusted source of medical representatives, providers can let marketing take a back seat and allow Medipedia to bring the patients in. The platform’s remote consultation feature will also give providers another stream of income, as more doctors start using it.

However you want to look at it, Medipedia makes sense, and it makes you wonder why no one thought about it before. While they’re currently focusing their efforts in South Korea, following the successful implementation of the project, the team is planning on expanding its activities worldwide. Its ICO is planned for later this year, in October, but if you’re eager to join the medical tourism revolution, there’s a pre-sale coming in August.

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