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Renvale Capital held their Annual Meet The Profession Networking Dinner on the 30th of July 2018 in South Korea which was attended by the firm’s upper management, key stakeholders and legal advisories.

The annual event is held routinely and enables Renvale Capital’s management to better understand the ongoing business landscape as they network with leading dignitaries in specific fields. These professionals have been invited to share their past experience and give advice on ongoing affairs.

This year’s Annual Meet The Profession Networking Dinner was held for the first time in South Korea and the invited Guest of Honor was Chief Superintendent General and Commissioner of the Korea police agency.

He covered various legal talking points throughout the event, with a particular emphasis on the topic of cryptocurrency legislations in South Korea, one of the world’s biggest and most mature cryptocurrency markets.  

As Renvale Capital expands into Asia, the Guest of Honor ensured Renvale Capital’s key personnel were kept up-to-date on the nation’s current view on cryptocurrencies and its legislations, in alignment with the firm’s core principles of operating within the boundaries of all governments around the world.

As digital currencies are largely perceived to be in its infancy stage, cryptocurrency companies seek a clear legal framework in the different countries they operate in, especially due to the fact that blockchain applications are about to play a huge role in the imminent fourth industrial revolution which will revolve around big data.

South Korea’s government seems to have realized how much potential there is in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space — catching up with its citizens, who contribute a large portion of the global cryptocurrency trading market.

The latest legal draft from the South Korean government involving the blockchain space is focusing on new categories for blockchain and, especially, cryptocurrency exchanges, placing them as the next sector that deserves attention.

On face value, exchanges are beginning to be recognized as legal entities, this is vital because it is an admission from the government that they are recognizing the ecosystem as a legitimate one, and signifies the nation’s progression towards regulating blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Renvale Capital CEO, Will Collins, was quoted, “As the world increasingly regulates the blockchain space, it inadvertently lays the foundation for a healthier environment and on a fundamental level, be only seen as a success.”

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