Handcash Launches Pop — A New BCH Point-of-Sale Companion Application


This week the developers of the NFC-enabled Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet, Handcash, have announced the launch of a new companion application called ‘Handcash Pop.’ The Pop platform provides Handcash users with a point-of-sale (PoS) platform that is tethered to their wallet’s handle so merchants can easily make payment requests for bitcoin cash.

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Start Accepting Bitcoin Cash With the Handcash Pop Application

This past February news.Bitcoin.com reported on the BCH wallet called Handcash which launched its beta client for Android mobile phones. Since then the project has seen a lot of development, a revamped user interface, and this past May the blockchain research and development firm, Nchain, announced the acquisition of a majority stake in Handcash. The Handcash development team plans to release the wallet’s iOS version this month and prior to the launch, the organization has revealed a PoS application called Pop.        

“Pop is a lightweight point of sale companion app to Handcash that allows you to create payment requests for your store or pub,” the development team explains.

With a fast setup, no subscriptions and fraud detection systems, there are no excuses not to start accepting Bitcoin Cash and put your business on the map.

Handcash Launches Pop — A New BCH Point-of-Sale Companion Application
Handcash and the Pop application are compatible and they allow Bitcoin Cash-powered Near Field Communication (NFC) payments.

Handcash and Pop Enables Bitcoin Cash NFC Payments 

Pop also uses Near Field Communication (NFC) payments as long as the transaction stems from a Handcash wallet. If another wallet is used, the application is compatible with most Bitcoin Cash wallets by utilizing QR code payment requests. Additionally Pop has live fraud protection like the Handcash wallet, and no funds are stored on the device. All funds go directly to a designated Handcash username.

Handcash Launches Pop — A New BCH Point-of-Sale Companion Application
Tethering our Handcash handle to the Pop application.

News.Bitcoin.com took a few minutes to test the Pop application. It was fairly intuitive and pretty easy to set up a PoS terminal on our Samsung Galaxy tablet. We simply tethered the Pop platform to a username ‘$Posternut,’ and named our store (Posternut’s Emporium). The application is also protected by a 4-digit PIN in order to utilize the request page and other Pop features. The whole process took less than five minutes to set up and anyone can install Pop on any Android device in order to have their own Bitcoin Cash-powered PoS system.

What do you think about the Bitcoin Cash-centric point-of-sale application Handcash Pop? Let us know what you think about the Pop platform in the comment section below.  

Images via Shutterstock, Handcash, and Pop.

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