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Smartphones have made video games more engaging than ever. iCandy Interactive, an Australian listed mobile games developer, has recognized this exciting and expanding market.

For its latest offering, iCandy Interactive has employed blockchain technology to create CryptantCrab. Based on the hobby of raising pets, the game allows players to use artistically designed crabs they can collect, mutate, do battle, and trade with. Each CryptantCrab is exclusive to registered gamers and cannot be tampered with. In fact, these digital crabs will bear distinctive markings and body parts, with more than a million possible combinations available. In terms of gameplay, players can mutate their crabs and pit them against each other in the battle-zone. All victories and gains are recorded with the crab on the blockchain.

Ethereum Ensures Fair Playing Field

The crabs will be able to improve their stats through the mutations and experience gain they earn. Operating on the Ethereum blockchain allows them to be tracked, ensuring a fair playing field.

‘Cryptant’ is the only material a player can use to mutate crab parts that they get by buying them or battling others. Every time they mutate, the crab gains a new part and some experience points. Each mutation improves the chances to obtain a ‘legendary’part that strengthens them.

All CryptantCrabs will come with a beating heart that holds special properties unknown to the players.

When hatched, the crab will sport its own element. There are five elemental types that CryptantCrab employs: fire, earth, metal, spirit, and water.

As the CryptantCrab team works towards the December launch, there will be a pre-sales event kicking off on Oct. 25, 2018 (12 a.m., +0 UTC). Limited-time offers and unique crab designs will be available during this period.

Oct. 4: Bounty Campaign Begins

During the Bounty campaign, each participant will gain the chance to obtain their first CryptantCrab experience. This event will offer one CryptantCrab (One CryptantCrab = 0.5ETH*) to randomly selected participants.

*CryptantCrab value is based on pre-sale release and subject to market forces.

Participants must follow CryptantCrab on Facebook and Twitter, and post three shares. This includes the CryptantCrab introduction article from Medium, CryptantCrab website, and the Bounty event details on their respective Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Oct. 25: Pre-Sale Begins

Those participating in the Pre-Sale event will have increased chances to obtain legendary CryptantCrabs, including exclusives that will not be re-released and CryptantCrabs that carry the ‘pioneer’ title.

The pre-sale will end on Nov. 15.

In December, CryptantCrab will launch and players can immediately access the Crab Shop to purchase new CryptantCrabs. Gamers are also able to mutate their CryptantCrab parts. They will be able to access the Auction House to trade CryptantCrabs.

Next is the Battle System – this will open on Q1 2019 and allow players to send their CryptantCrabs to fight in battle-zones and get ranked on the leaderboard.

In the second quarter of 2019, players will be able to participate in multiple CryptantCrabs in Pool Arenas to compete for big prizes of Ethereum. Other key features will be announced in Q3 2019.

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