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An idea will stay an idea unless there is a great team behind it. When we look at many past and present cryptocurrency projects, this has often been the case. Countless projects start with the promises of an amazing idea and end with a whimper. A project, in which their team can’t execute, may as well be considered vaporware. Additionally, an idea that does not become adopted may as well be considered a dead idea.

Blockchain projects continue to have trouble winning over early adopters due to the uncertainty and lack of confidence in the current ability of blockchain technology to adapt to a worldwide audience. As the sentiment of blockchain as an investment vehicle shifts towards understanding blockchain applications in business and beyond, enterprises need a platform that will scale with the ever-growing demands of the world’s consumer market. The volume of data being created is growing at an exponential rate. IDC predicts a 10-fold rise in worldwide data by 2025.

YGGDRASH is a new breed of blockchain designed for multichain implementation. It is the first ready-made blockchain project that connects multiple blockchains on the same network while solving the deficiencies of current blockchains, such as Ethereum. The YGGDRASH project stands apart from most projects based on a very simple reason: the team has done it all.

YGGDRASH’s team includes an extensive group of professionals across the blockchain industry and from proven businesses, including alumni of Ernst & Young, KPMG, Coinone, Bithumb, ICON, Wix, and Hyundai Card.

A few of the YGGDRASH team members include:

  •       David Seo; CEO and Co-founder. Former COO of Coinone, the second largest cryptocurrency exchange in Korea by volume
  •       Peter Ryu; CTO and Co-founder. Former development lead of the ICON foundation and blockchain architect at THELOOP
  •       Joon Seo; CFO and Head of Business Development. Formerly of Hyundai Card, KPMG, and Ernst & Young

The native YGGDRASH token, YEED, will be available for trading on Bitfinex and Ethfinex on October 18th, 2018.

Bitfinex, one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges in continuous operation to date, is considered one of the top 10 largest exchanges today for trading altcoins (alternative cryptocurrencies). Ethfinex, an Ethereum ecosystem-focused spinoff of Bitfinex, shares the same trading engine and platform as Bitfinex. All Bitfinex users are able to use their Bitfinex account balances to trade on Ethfinex on a shared platform.

The world needs a blockchain team properly equipped to handle issues that occur not only today but years into the future. The YGGDRASH team’s extensive background in cryptocurrency projects and at multinational corporations gives it a leg-up in the race to decentralize the world. The YGGDRASH team has a difficult mission, but the drivers behind this project have shown time and time again that the execution of the project will not be an issue.

For more information about YGGDRASH please visit the main company website and download the project whitepaper.

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