Jaxx and Exodus are currently two of the most popular cryptocurrency wallet apps. They both offer users a secure and convenient place to store cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, there are many differences between the two services that can make the decision regarding which to use a tough one. Here we’ve broken down some key features and the differences between Jaxx vs Exodus.


If you are looking for the core functionality of a crypto wallet, both Jaxx and Exodus should satisfy your needs. They both offer very easy to use crypto storage solutions that are highly secure.

However, if you are looking for functionality beyond this Exodus might frustrate you. Exodus sets itself apart from the crowd by being incredibly simple and, with this simplicity, comes a reduction to functionality.

Exodus’s functionality is primarily limited to asset storage, and exchange. In addition to these functions, Jaxx offers crypto industry news, overall market data, a block explorer, and a rewards program.

Jaxx Mobile Crypto Wallet Screenshot
Screenshot of Jaxx’s Mobile Wallet


In the design and aesthetic battle of Jaxx vs Exodus, Exodus is the clear winner.

Jaxx delivers great functionality but the UI leaves much to be desired and appears a bit outdated. Exodus, however, has one of the cleanest designs of all cryptocurrency desktop and mobile apps.

Exodus Mobile app


It’s important to pay close attention to security when storing your crypto through any third party application. In an industry previously plagued by scams, security should be at the top of your list when evaluating storage options.

Fortunately, Exodus and Jaxx both offer high levels of security for your digital assets. Both services store your private keys directly onto your mobile phone, eliminating the need to trust the companies with your sensitive information.

Another feature both apps offer is hierarchical deterministic. This means the wallets can automatically generate new wallet addresses for each transaction, allowing for better transaction privacy.

At this time, neither Jaxx nor Exodus offer 2-factor authentication.

Wrap up

In conclusion, both Jaxx and Exodus offer fantastic cryptocurrency storage and tracking solutions but there is no clear “better” option between them. Users will find different apps better or worse for their individual needs based on their functionality, design, and security.

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