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Join us for my talk about creativity, multi-layered approaches, and a certain digital pyramid tonite 19:35-20:20 GMT. Looking forward to also the parts of Ali and Supriya parts & shared Q&A after. Topics also relate to NFT’s, the new digital economy, and what would should and should not (sometimes) remember.


Still BAD

This article is very much an FYI type thing so the only other thing to share for now is that many amazing women in blockchain have digitally joined the Bad Crypto Podcast art collaboration, eventually donating to HAWC, once we find a buyer to the bundled physical and digital work now with 55 amazing industry leader signatures.
Crypto Wendy O
Tamara Haasen
Alyze Sam
Eryka Gemma

Sarah Austin

The project keeps capturing lightings in a bottle and supporting an important cause. The domestic violence numbers went drastically up during COVID, so the work of the charity keeps being more and more relevant, waiting for the right patron or company to own the art and help the world become just a little bit better.


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